What we’ve been up to at Excelon!

Our favorite WaterfallWith things slowing down a bit, our Managing Director, Matt Heusser, has been out and about a little more, and we have new material. Given it’s been awhile since we’ve posted here, we have quite a bit to share.

Despite all the rhetoric about Agile and self-organized, self-directed teams, most companies still operate from a what (requirements), how (schedule, funding, architecture) build (code/test), use (operations) perspective. That looks a lot like a waterfall, so the folks at TechTarget asked Matt to write about doing the best when stuck in a waterfall way of thinking.

When it comes to really looking at test activities and selecting the most powerful ones with the right amount of overlap, we find that is something companies … don’t really do. So Matt wrote about how to do it.

Then you have the need for speed in digital transformation and the benefits of observability.

We continue our collaboration with Qualitest, delivering about one podcast per month. Recent podcasts were on the impact of ChatGPT on jobs as well as how to analyze and improve and organizations data picture.

There’s even a video interview with Applause on getting the most value out of testing activities.

Finally, we are frustrated with the state of the discussion of AI today. To be frank, we find the bullshit-to-signal ratio is too high. Matt’s most recent post, on Medium.com, is On the Bullshitization of AI, and, a little, how we can do better.

Bonus points to anyone who can identify this waterfall without doing a reverse image search. (Hint: It is in Maryland.)

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