What we do and how we work

The Excelon Difference

Sometimes you don’t need new staff or help with execution. Sometimes you’d just like outside perspective. So you bring in a consultant, who writes a binder, leaving with three dozen things to do that will slow you down.


At Excelon, we do consulting, and yes, we can perform a gap analysis – but the gap will map back to your objectives. That is, we’ll take your vision for the future (or work with you to make the existing direction more clear), and then conduct a site visit.

Before the assignment begins we agree on a scope. That scope can include the entire delivery process — for example if we are looking for bottlenecks or delivery risks. Other recent assignments include work on program portfolio management, project intake, reducing the test/fix/deploy cycle, and reducing test cycles time, including technical tools like selenium, appium, continuous delivery, devOps and test driven development.

During our visit we take a naturalist approach, spending time observing what the team is actually doing and assessing risks. Sometimes the visit includes training; the first visit may be shorter, to get to know each other.

Our recommendations are grounded in real-time observation of your work, not in textbook solutions. We watch and listen before pairing up your team members with our own to achieve best results. For longer sessions, we’ll be actively contributing alongside you to solve your problems.

After the visit you’ll get our recommendations on key target conditions (smaller steps toward the objective), how to get there, and if it makes sense, a few ways in which we might continue to partner.

Most of our consulting sessions are wrapped up in a week or so per team, but we also offer long term coaching, as well as project rescue work.


Of course our consultants have decades of broad, progressive experience. That’s a given. They also write influential papers, serve on volunteer boards, organize workshops, and give internationally acclaimed presentations.


We focus on outcomes for your organization, not hours in seats or boxes checked. On a project that means software to customers. On an engagement it means value to you.


Our work is relationship-based; we view happy customers as our extended sales force. That makes post-project support a requirement.

Our consultants are all software practitioners.

We’re not like most recruiting or consulting companies. We have the ability to fully understand your business and its dynamics before recommending solutions. And we don’t just recommend—we help you implement changes and make sure you know exactly what to do going forward.

When it comes to software, we get it.

Whether you want to compress test cycles to react to changes faster, learn agile methods, or find a better approach to project management, we can get you there.

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