What we do and how we work

Recruiting and Contract Staff

Sometimes you know what you need — more people. Not training, not consulting, you just want more staff. Contract, contract-to-hire, or direct placement.

Our technical recruiters have actually done software development. We know java from javascript, that “Visual basics” is not a thing. More than keyword pairing, we can actually read the candidate for ability and aptitude. Plus we’ll invest the time to understand your needs, and give a realistic assessment of the skill mix possible at your price point.

Our contractors can work on what you need, where and when you need them, at the price range you request—or else we don’t send them.

With Excelon, you really can get the best for less.


Our account representatives are practicing consultants who average 15 years of experience.


We work with you through all stages of the process, from identifying needs and role to candidate selection and fit. 


Your account rep is a phone call away, and typically works with candidates and new hires as a mentor and guide.

Outstanding IT help without busting your budget

Our general style is to identify the top things the company wants, the price range, to stand that up against the market in the area. After that we add another step, where we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the team – to find the right skill set fit. For example, a test organization heavy in explorers might need a toolsmith. A team that assumes automation is “for the programmers” may need a social tester, someone able to take over a product owner role. Instead of matching keywords, we match to the needs of the team. Adding the skills the group is missing does more than plug holes; it has a multiplier effect on the team. 

Typical recruiters simply do not have the depth of software experience to do this sort of work. 

No one every accused us of being typical recruiters.

Do you have a project that requires both technical expertise and strong, clear communications ability?