Training: Learn by Doing

Excelon’s team specializes in software testing, but that’s no means all we do. From project management to budgeting, we offer help to make your business thrive.

We provide custom training either on-site at your location or online. Whichever works best for you.

Instead of just talking about it, we actually do the work through simulation, while at the same time observing how the nature of the work changes. We actively engage you and help you find not the usual textbook answers, but solutions that will work for you in the field.

In our classes, you will be using a keyboard, mouse, and other physical objects. We also use images, videos, and handouts, and we encourage conversation. No matter what your learning style is, we have a way of reaching you, and our exercises move quickly from the theoretical to the practical.

Some of our most popular workshops are Lean Software Testing, Software Testing Reloaded, and Exploratory Testing in Practice.

Want to learn more? Contact us today for a training session custom-tailored to your company’s needs.