Lean Software Delivery

Lean Software Delivery is a flow-based method of improving the pace of the software process while reducing waste and risk.

It saves you time and money, improves your releases, and sets you up for continuous improvement of your future products.

How does it work?

Find out at our one-day Lean Software Delivery workshop. We’ll provide tools to help you understand software flow in a whole new way, to quantify the work, find the waste, and remove it.

You will learn what to change, how to design safe experiments and reduce risk, and how to keep making your software better while delivering it faster. It really works! Here are just a few of the reasons you should try it:

Immediate Benefits

  1. A solid understanding of lean manufacturing and how that applies to software delivery.
  2. An “out of the box” improvement method that plugs into a Traditional, Agile or even Continuous Delivery Software Model
  3. Tools to analyze the existing way you do the work
  4. Tools to measure performance: cycle time, work in progress, touch time, and lead time
  5. Methods to determine which change to make next
  6. Understand how flow impacts throughput
  7. Learn the Find > Fix > Retest loop, what it does to productivity … and how to fix it
  8. Reduce time spent estimating and planning work
  9. Reduce risk of the next release by finding the bugs that matter
  10. Learn to communicate about risk and schedule both inside the technical team and out

For more information, see our Lean Software Delivery (LSD) Course Flyer.

In addition to the three-day, LSD course, we offer a similar course where the first day is lean software delivery, and the second and third apply those ideas to testing, titled Lean Software Testing (LST).

Contact Matt Heusser today to set up a lean software delivery workshop and help your team remove waste and improve throughput — while actually building a positive culture!