What we do and how we work

Testing Services

Fast, accurate feedback that matters.

“You think testing is your ally? You merely adopted the field. We were born in it, molded by it.”

All joking aside, Excelon was founded by and attracts people who care deeply about helping to deliver quality — both on the staff and the client side.

Testing is where the rubber hits the road. Where we can no longer lie to ourselves that the software works when it does not.

Our view of testing, and general method of improvement, is to broaden the concept of testing, to have it include many concepts in risk management. Inspections, reviews, the lean startup, unit testing, A/B split testing, performance, security, usability — to us this is all testing. Instead of “doing” “functional testing”, we figure out how much time to invest in risk management and the appropriate activities for that time.

What activities we do and recommend will depend on the skills of the team and the problem domain. The core questions are not “what is the right way to do it?” or even “what is right for our team?” but instead “What is the direction of improvement?” and “What experiment should we try next?” By taking this approach, Excelon labels itself as proudly context-driven.

Teams that work with Excelon continuously improve. Put a contractor on the team, you’ll get new ideas to try – plus a periodic “push” to build the skills snowball.

How We Do It


Our typical contractor has over a decade of experience and served as a board member of an international test nonprofit.


Get the scale of a consulting firm — for about the price of an experienced freelancer.


Our team has a wide range of experiences to draw from, and can present you with options to solve delivery problems.

Visualize and Communicate

Visualizing features, coverage, risk, defects, of everything – is built into our DNA. Our consultants also had a habit of writing, speaking, and teaching others to do so. When we come into organizations, we find out the core motivators of the people on the team, then work to meet them. Frequently we find the information needed to make complex decisions is simply not available — so we find it and visualize it!

Finally, some of us lift heavy things up and put them down. If you don’t want to talk about that, that’s okay.

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Do you have a project that requires both technical expertise and strong, clear communications ability?

Excelon can help. Give us a call, and we’ll find a way to craft your ideas into a well-researched, beautifully written format that provides real and lasting value to your customers.