About Excelon

Excelon was founded by Matthew Heusser to help companies deliver better software with less friction, while improving the work-experience of the technical contributors.

“I looked at the contract and staffing process, and saw problems,” Matt said. “Requirements for employees were passed around without discussion. ‘Job searches’  consisted of keyword matching. Roles for recruiters, managers, and HR staff were so ill-defined that people did not even know what they meant.”

“I wondered: What would the world be liked if we had a staffing firm founded by people who actually understood the roles they were seeking, who could ask the right questions, understand the needs and culture of a company, and find the right candidates? What if we ran it more efficiently than other firms, so we could compete on cost without sacrificing quality? I thought it was a great idea and looked for a firm to partner with, but couldn’t find one.”

“So I started my own.”

In the seven years since, Excelon has expanded offerings to include placement, contracting, consulting, training and writing. Each of these is a mature business, with consistency and coverage. Justin Rohrman, the sitting president of the Association for Software Testing, is an equity partner leading the test practice, while Matt focuses on consulting and large clients. 

The mission of Excelon, however, remains the same: To represent the capable who need representation, to build up people with aptitude and attitude who lack skill, while improving the work-lives of the people doing the work. All of our offerings, from training to writing and actual delivery work, accomplish these ends. This means it is in the best interest of the company to not only be involved in the community, but to help build it, from active conference participation, to webinars online, creating and sponsoring events, and non-profit work.

A great deal of our work is in public. Come get to know us.

We think you’ll like what you see.

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