Software Testing Reloaded

Software Testing Reloaded is a one-day tutorial on software testing that’s different from any other tutorial you’ve ever attended.

How? Instead of relying on lectures and PowerPoint presentations where you have to guzzle espresso to stay awake, Software Testing Reloaded immerses you in an environment that simulates real-word testing conditions.

Like scheduling pressure, customer pressure, and unclear requirements.

You’ll experience them all in our tutorial, but unlike in the real world, you’ll learn, discuss, and share solutions.

Most important, you’ll learn by doing instead of just listening.

We’ll begin with an exercise examining what testing really is, and how we do it. Next, we’ll discuss different perspectives on testing, and then we’ll test a real production.

Throughout the morning we’ll combine explanations with exercises, weaving the two together and moving quickly from generic methods based on failure modes to domain analysis and other requirements-based techniques.


Immediate Benefits:

Techniques to test products under tight constraints when the pressure is on and information is limited.

  1. Specific answers to your testing problems.
  2. Analysis techniques for domain testing to help you learn the business logic quickly.
  3. An introduction to heuristics for testing, including a list of risks to manage.
  4. Knowledge of a new way of testing and the skill to re-invent testing for yourself.
  5. The skills to explain your testing strategy to customers.
  6. Exercises you can take home for your team—or use to explain your testing to larger organizations.

If you want to learn software testing hands-on instead of drifting off to talking heads, contact Matt Heusser to set up a Software Testing Reloaded tutorial today.