Custom Software

Custom Software

What we do and how we work

Let Us Build it For You

Sometimes you know what you want, and you just need someone to write it. The problem is, who can you trust?

Hire the fancy-name consultants with the big signs and TV ads, and the one thing you know is that you are paying for overhead. Go with someone cut-rate and you run the risk they won’t finish at all. You want a middle solution: Someone who can do custom development, at about the price of a freelancer, that can provide the stability, scale, and bredth of knowledge of a larger firm.

While we let you dream, let’s talk about how our developers work. It’s common that we are asked to do “staff augmentation.” Learn our policies and procedures, do things our way, keep the train on the rails. We certainly understand. With our background in writing and process, we typically end up documenting the process and reducing the risk when we leave. We call our service “Contracting Plus”, because while we do contracting, we will also throw our new and exciting ideas, all at about the cost of a freelancer. Most of our agreements are based on a time limit with some budget limit, where continuing or extended the work is based on customer acceptance. We are comfortable doing some work fixed-price, especially smaller projects.

Our recent projects include:
  • Web Development
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Development 
  • Continuous Delivery / Deploy Pipeline Work
  • Systems Integration
  • Real Time Embedded System Development (phone, automotive, aerospace, controllers)
  • Technical Writing and Documentation
  • Test Infrastructure Development
Hire us to get custom software developed for a fair price with realistic projections. Along the way you’ll like get a custom test suite, creative delivery ideas, and a more clear, well documented process. All for about the price of a freelance developer.

Let’s work together.


Of course our consultants have decades of broad, progressive experience. That’s a given. They also write influential papers, serve on volunteer boards, organize workshops, and give internationally acclaimed presentations.


We focus on outcomes for your organization, not hours in seats or boxes checked. On a project that means software to customers. On an engagement it means value to you.


Our work is relationship-based; we view happy customers as our extended sales force. That makes post-project support a requirement.

Do you have a project that requires both technical expertise and strong, clear communications ability?