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For about three years now, the Excelon Development jingle has made reference to a mailing-list.

Wait, you don’t know the jingle?

Ok, it goes like this(*):

     You can have anything you want,
     At Excelon Development.

     You can have anything you want,
     At Excelon Development.

    Just sign right up, we’re hard to miss,
    The Fun never stops on the mailing list.

    You can have anything you want,
    At Excelon Development.

Like I said, the jingle refers to a mailing list — and there are plenty of them.  I am active on the Agile-Testing list, the Rebel Alliance List, and the Miagi-do list, among other things.

But none of those are really the “Excelon Development” list, are they?

So I thought about making one.

Announcing The Excelon Development Mailing List

Last week I created Excelon Development, an ultra-low volume discussion list I will use to announce upcoming projects, recent publications, my availability, speaking engagements, and related Excelon Announcements.

If you’ve ever had trouble tracking exactly what Matt was working on or his availability, well, now there is a single place to go.

I expect that announcements will be roughly monthly.

Much, much more to come.

* – with Apologies to Arlo Guthrie and Allison Randal

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