Excelon At CAST2016

Can you believe it’s only a week to TestRetreat and CAST?

It’s time to talk about some plans.

Excelon Development, along with a few friends, is renting a small condominium for CAST; it is roughly two blocks from the Conference Center for CAST. TestRetreat will be at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites on Saturday the sixth of August.

After TestRetreat, we’ll likely take a Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Sunday is historically a day of rest and self-organization. Anyone who wants is invited to Mass Sunday morning, a little cardio or lifting, a bridgewalk, and probably a dinner out. If AST hosts a reception Monday, then Excelon will probably do a house party on Sunday. Otherwise, we’ll have a house party and dinner Sunday night.

We’re running Lean Coffee, a just-in-time problem solving meeting where the attendees determine the agenda, each and every morning, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, as part of the official schedule.

Get up a little early and join us. It’s worth it.

Oh and, of course, we’re sponsoring. Excelon is a silver sponsor of CAST2016. For those of you keeping score, sponsoring costs us a much higher percentage of revenue than other companies. We think it’s worth the investment in the community.

So there you have it. TestRetreat, Lean Coffee, and a few things to do after hours. If you’d like details on times, locations, registrations, and so on, email matt at xndev dot com – or ask to join the Software Delivery 24/7 Test Room on skype.

And refresh the page in a few days. We may adjust to fit AST events, and there may be more events or details. If you’re in town Friday night, let us know.

Hey, we’ve all got to eat.


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