Announcing Software Delivery 24/7

“Matt, you should stop talking about other tech communities and just build your own. If you built it, it would be good, because it would be yours, and you follow through.” – James Marcus Bach, Author, Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar

James said that on August 5, 2014.

We got started the next day.

Is this you?

You want to collaborate, make friends, and get connected despite regional and budget challenges.

Software 24/7 is a collection of tools, tips, and collaboration to help you do just that, around the clock, from your living room.

All this comes with your Software 24/7 subscription:

–   Access to the Software 24/7 Skype room, with constant conversations about software delivery, along with the more narrowly-focused Software Testing 24/7 Skype room.
– The Software 24/7 Google+ Group
– Detailed conference notes to every event Excelon Development Staffs – along with notes from other members
– Access to the Software Delivery Wiki, the industry-leading website for pre-publication drafts, reviews, proposals, and other ideas that aren’t quite ready for publication
– Opportunities to review, propose, publish articles and presentations
– Access to The Conference Google Doc, with links to software delivery conferences and CFPs, and how to volunteer
– Access to the Excelon Development Dropbox files — including files on software delivery, context-driven testing, lean software, agile, and other techniques!
– Discounts and advance notice for Excelon Development events like Lean Software Delivery Training and Retreats, along with opportunities to step up to host events!
– Break into “circles” of 10 people each to meet monthly, organized by role, location, and interest
– Information about Book Club Meetings and other events
– Opportunities to become involved in Excelon’s major publishing efforts – including our major effort for the year. (Planned in 2015 effort: Save Our Scrum: Tips, Techniques, and Tales for Teams in Trouble)

We’re building a real-time test community here, one that isn’t bound by geography, at a time in human history when the tools are finally maturing to make it possible, even easy.

At a cost of five US dollars a month, about the price of skipping the fancy coffee twice. Can you really say no?

Who’s Behind Software Delivery 24/7

If you’ve seen lightning talks, open space events, just-in-time conference sessions or lean coffee, than you already know the kind of work that Excelon Development has been leading and facilitating for a decade. Software 24/7 is the next step.

Sure, anyone could do it … but they didn’t. Excelon did.

Software Delivery 24/7. You shouldn’t have to wait to collaborate.

Click subscribe below to get started; you’ll be glad you did.

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