More Events and Conference Coverage

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, with client work, the Agile Alliance Technical Conference in Boston, then, right on it’s heels, Agile and Beyond in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

And, of course, there are articles.

The Technical Conference Coverage piece is not out yet, but the folks at TechBeacon have published my Top Five Takeaways From Agile & Beyond. If you missed the conference, check it out; if not, check it out and let me know what I missed!

Justin Rohrman has been writing for GuRock for some time; here’s one of his more popular posts, on interviewing testers. We are expanding that program to include writing by Jessical Ingrssellino and Carol Brands — if you want us to drop all the articles here, let us know.  We’ve got another writing program kicking off this month we’ll link to when it goes live, plus a lot of TechBeacon work to come.

Consider CAST

We hope you will consider CAST, the Conference For The Association for Software Testing 2017, in Nashville, TN. The speakers were selected by a double-blind review committee that did not have access to the authors bios or names, which is probably how Matt Heusser got accepted as a speaker. Claire Moss and Michael Larsen are running a podcast, which they are hosting on YouTube, about the event:


This year, for the second time, AST is licensing the TestRetreat format, making TestRetreat an official part of CAST, to be held at the same conference center the day after, on August 19th. At around $100.00 for the day, TestRetreat is an incredible bargain; the conference is closer to $400.00, depending on the early bird.

Yes, TestRetreat is on a Saturday. Yes, we expect to find a boat to cruise on after. Join us!

But if you can’t make CAST …

You can always download new episodes of The Testing Show, free, on iTunes or your favorite service. The Testing Show is sponsored by QualiTestGroup, and Excelon Partner. Regulars include Matt Heusser as host, Michael Larsen as show producer, Jessica Ingrassellino, Perze Ababa, Justin Rohrman and other strong testers who aren’t afraid to talk.

That’s enough for now. If you want more frequent updates or more material, less us know. This is just the highlights. Of course we’ll be back in Germany this year.

We can talk about that next time.

Auf wiedersehen!



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