“Must have Agile/Scrum Experience”

Recently, someone asked me what “Must have Agile/Scrum Experience” in job descriptions and advertisements actually means. It got me thinking, so I wrote it up for Medium.com

What’s medium, you ask?

It’s a relatively new website designed for shorter, more personal writing. There are no ads on it, writers are not compensated; I’m using it for opinion pieces that might not be quite ready for this blog yet. Articles so far include “A Bad Talk“, “Automated Testing Considered Silly“, and “Episode VII was secretly a reboot“, a rant about the latest Star Wars Movie.

You can read all my Medium Writing on My Profile.

Why Not Just Post It Here?

This blog, Creative Chaos, started as Matt Heusser’s personal blog, at xndev.blogspot.com, in 2006. In 2009 that blog moved to SoftwareTestPro.com, where it stayed for three more years, finally coming back to xndev.com in 2012.

As Excelon Continues to grow, this blog might start to have multiple authors. The language has vaguely shifted from “I me mine” to “we/us.” We’ve (I just did it again, but it’s true) been spending more time writing for other outlets, and less on the blogging for Excelon. Now I’ve got this new experiment with Medium.com.

As a result, we’re publishing more and more everywhere else, but less and less on Xndev.com; the Work In Progress (WIP) is too high.

As I said, this blog may be changing, but it will be a long time coming. In the mean time, we’re a little tired of just making Excelon annoucements here — we’ll try to put more announcements of our writing here, so you can get it in one place.

Let us know how’d you like things to change, please.


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