NYC Trip – And Periscope

I’m headed to New York this week, for a client visit and also to attend NYC Testers, which seems to be suddenly taking advantage of the lots-of-tech-in-a-small-area that is New York City. Over the next year or so, I’m going to make an effort to get out to more meetups; we’re trying to put some time in the schedule for it.

NYC Testers isn’t the first test group in the area. And, while their volunteers are top-notch, I suspect the people who came before were pretty good, too. What’s changed is the tooling. Finding and organizing people in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and is just easier than it was before.

So I’d like to try something else new in 2016, and I hope you’ll join me.

I’m going to stream some presentations and talks (including my own) over Periscope, a new, video-streaming app designed for real time conversations. By real time, I mean people actually watch the event as it happens. Logged-in users can make comments and ask questions. The broadcast can choose to save a video or not; even if they are saved, they only last 24 hours.

To get started, install periscope on your phone, create an account, log in, follow my user, @mheusser, and turn notifications on. At 10:30 when I start broadcasting your phone will beep.

So let’s get this started, at 10:30AM Eastern USA on February 3rd, with an Ask Me Anything Periscope. I hope you’ll get the app, find my account, and join in. I’ll also probably broadcast a bit during QAOrTheHighway, Feb 16th.

See you there?


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