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I’ve had a fair number of interviews lately that I put up on twitter; I thought I’d share a few of them here with a little background.

Last year, Carlos Ble interviewed me on general testing, while Ananad Bagmar at ThoughtWorks interviewed me on what I was up to lately. Later in the year, the people at A1QA did an interviewed me on Agile Testing. One or two people were a little upset by that interview, because I didn’t talk much about context.

Well, no. The subject was involving test in an Agile Process. So I assumed that context. That’s a strategy I commonly use, embracing the premise of the question and trying to be helpful, instead of always challenging the premise.

That has a place too, of course, so talked about that in interviews this year, including one with QASymphony on balancing automation and the human touch, and an audio podcast with Joe Colantonio on Lean Software Testing in context.

Meanwhile I’ve kept writing myself, if not here. just published my article on the Scaled Agile Framework and a follow-up on comparing scaling frameworks.

A few people on twitter have asked me why I didn’t include coverage of Ken Schwaber’s framework, Nexus. Honestly, I didn’t know much about it; it sounds like it’s time for me to do an interview.

I just got off the phone with Ken.

Watch this space.

Update: The folks at just published my latest, an article on Tips for effective software project collaboration, along with Exploring the four major categories of application testing tools.


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  1. As for me, I think your interview for A1QA is great. In my work, I also use Agile and believe that it is better than other approaches. It is ideal for our team also provides concrete measures and metrics for the improvement of our performance. I think you are a true professional in this field. Waiting for your next interviews and ready to find out more useful!

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