Microsoft Tester Center

Microsoft announced it’s new ‘community’ for software testers last week at STARWest.

The ‘community’ (which is a fancy name for a combination webzine, blog, and forums) is located here.

Cynical people will point out that this is Microsoft’s attempt to win the hearts and minds of software testers, thus, in five years, increasing the number of QA Managers who purchase Microsoft test products and hire and train people who use those products. This creates a ‘gravity well’ for Microsoft products.

To which I say: Bah.

Testers are pretty independent thinkers by nature. At least Microsoft is trying. It could be worse: They could be ignoring us.

While I may be skeptical, it can’t hurt to check out the content on the site; I notice that they have Scott Barber listed on the syndicated blogger page.

And for those of you who are really cynical: No, nobody from Microsoft paid me any money, gave any favoritism, or any special favors for this link. In fact, Alan Page asked me to take a look, and, if it was valuable, pass it on.

But enough about what I think – check it out, and let me know in the comments if this link is valuable to you.

Still to come: More Technical Debt …

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