The Agile Manifesto

Individuals and Interactions

The Agile Manifesto says to focus on individuals and interactions over process and tools. At Excelon, we go further to say that may be the single largest driver of performance. So. How. Do. You. Do. That. ? I just wrote up two quick ways to do just that. These are practices you can put into […]

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Real Interview Result

A Real Interview Result

We’ve been studying lemon markets lately. HR departments simply can not understand every role in the organization, so they hire recruiters. But let’s be honest about the standard for recruiters. A good recruiter knows that JavaScript is in the browser and “not compiled” and the Java is, well, different, and is compiled. Or whatever. If […]

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Lean Coffee at KWSQA

I just ran facilitator’s training at KWSQAConf, where I promised the attendees to provide my slides — both of them! Here you go. They are native to keynote and will probably look best in that format. Slides in powerpoint format Slides in PDF format Slides in keynote format For a more detailed, text-based introduction, you […]

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On Observability

Imagine, for a moment, that you bought a home door lock. From your phone, you press the unlock button, and wait. Fifteen seconds pass. Thirty seconds pass. At about sixty seconds, you get a pop-up, that your unlock message failed to send. Back in the real world, fifteen seconds later, you hear a snicker-snack as […]

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The Future of Maintainability is CI

Perhaps the most influential, and most humbling work in my career has been on Clean Code, by Robert C. Martin, where I was “just” a reviewer. Separating software along clean lines of interface, adding the ability to swap parts out, combined with clean implementation and unit tests allow teams to make truly maintainable software. Despite […]

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The Next Chapter

Nine and a half years ago I wrote a blog post, offering a black-belt test challenge. Markus Gaertner, who I knew of and was about to know well, got heavily involved and asked about the system – what does it mean to be a black-belt exactly? I got my belt from JCPenny, so Miagi-Do was […]

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Vote For Matt – Please?

After a five-year absence from the board I have decided to run again for the board of directors of the Association for Software Testing (AST). As part of that process, I dashed off a reply to a six-question interview that included a biography. That questionnaire was pretty good, but I wanted to expand on my […]

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