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It’s been a little over a year since I wrote Tomorrow’s Excelon Development, the little article that hinted about what Excelon might turn into … someday … and how we were going to try hard to keep our integrity along the way.

Since that time we’ve executed on a couple of placements and a handful of subcontract projects.

Today I would like to talk to you about two more of them.

First: A ToolSmith

Excelon is working with a company in West Michigan that develops software as a service web-based solution and some business process outsourcing. They’ve built a great product but would like to compress the test process, and are looking for tools and skills to get it done. Having an existing sapient testing team, the company is looking for a toolsmith to help them eliminate redundant and simplistic work, while building tools to aid testing.

That means someone willing and able to write code: Likely Java, building CI tools, test driven development, selenium, familiar with git or SVN, and so on. Relocation assistance is available for the right candidate. The salary range is exceptional for the right candidate.

Bottom line: Come build the test infrastructure and help grow the team at a growing, successful company as an employee, placed by Excelon. With a little luck, we may even get a chance to work together on a few projects.

Second: Test Leaders

We have another company that is looking to bring the business (the customers) into the test process. To do that they’d like to hire some test coaches on a contract basis, to help design test strategy, coach the business users who would accept the software,  coordinate the work, help the team see the forest for the trees, and figure out what to do next. The ideal tester would have a few years of experience and a wide understanding of different approaches and worldview (exploratory testing, measures, plans, reporting, etc.)  They would also need the people skills to work with people who have different backgrounds, to create common understanding and consensus about what to do and how to do it.  Think James Bach’s Omega Tester asked to lead a group of business users as they surge on a large company initiative, and you have some idea of the task.

Bottom line: Partner with Excelon, as your own small business owner on a subcontract, to change the way testing is done in an established enterprise. Project duration could be 6 to 24 months, full-time on-site.If either of these sound like they might be you, or you’d just like to talk about our pipeline, send me an email: Matt@xndev.com and we can get into more details. Want to meet some of our existing staff, contractors, and alumni? Of course that can be part of the process.

Common Answers To Common Questions

Yes, we know, you’d love to work for us part-time from home, and think that would be a great way to innovate around this resource crunch. It might even work; we are currently executing on a long-term remote assignment and it is going well.Sadly, I’m afraid that is not a fit for these clients at this time. All of these roles are in West Michigan; we cannot sponsor work visas at this time.

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