The Clean Coder

In 2008, Matt acted as a peer reviewer for “Clean Code“, by Robert C. “Unclebob” Martin, a book about the intricate details of software construction.  It is a good book, and Matt was pleased to play some role in it’s construction.

Apparently he didn’t do too terribly, because three years later, Unclebob asked him to come back and contribute the foreword to his next book “The Clean Coder: A Code of Craftsmanship for Professional Programmers.”

Clean Code / Clean Coder. Get it?

The book is just that: Solid, concrete advice, more directed to how programmers interact with other humans than about the intricate bits.

This one is not just for programmers, though.  If you’ve ever felt pressured or pushed by your situation, or been left wondering “what just happened”, or struggled to understand what professionalism is and how to pursue it, well, this book may be the book for you.

Read more about the clean coder, or buy the book on Amazon.