Awards – an Interview of Matt – and lots more!

The cruise was wonderful, but it didn’t last long enough.  Christmas came and went, and it’s time to close the books on 2012 for Excelon.

Speaking of 2012 and Excelon, you may be wondering “who won the find the bug contest?”

Maik Nogens, Phil Kirkham, and Jane Fraser won the prizes for the first people to find defects in my December Newsletter.

Phil was extremely fast — responded within ten minutes of my putting the post up fast.  Maik found typos that I did not even realize were there.  Jane found a typo in the blog post announcing the contest.

All three won some hard-earned books from Amazon.  Special mention goes to Chris Kenst, who did answer within the hour, and was a real sport about not-quite-winning.

… and one more thing.

Last week RobLimo, a friend of mine and sort legend of IT Journalism, asked if I would do an interview for Slashot.  Just today he posted the video, free, on Slashdot.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and enjoy the video if you invest a few minutes in it.

Now it’s time to make 2013 special.   How about competing in a free, online test competition in April, or at least, coming to the information session to talk about it next week?  Details on my performance testing blog for NRGGobal.

If a public competition isn’t your thing, maybe you’d consider submitting a talk for the Agile Conference, August 5-9 in Nashville, TN, or perhaps the Conference for the Association for Software Testing, August 26-28 in Madison, WI?

I’ll be at both, and also Miagi-Do Conference, August 24th, also in Madison.

What’s Miagi-Do Conference, you ask?

More to come.

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