Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Two new things, and an idea I’d like to explore …

1) For a second year, TestRetreat will be a formal part of the program for the Conference for the Association for Software Testing, CAST2017. Held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort on August 19th, the one-day open space event is a hundred dollars, less if you are a member of AST. Sign up now!

2) Our managing director, Matt Heusser, likes to write … a lot. Combining his writing interest with his interest in travel, Matt began writing for His first article, Five Forgotten Places in Salem, Oregon, went live earlier this month.

3) Back at the Rotterdam Test Automation Conference in 2014, Matt made the claim that once GUI test execution automation runs once, it stop being testing, and becomes change detection. That’s an issue, because creating change is the job of programmers! We just realized this has never been made public. Consider this post a “pin” in the idea.

Conference! Travel! Ideas!

More to come.

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