i18n Test of the Day

Last year I wrote an article for SearchSoftwareQuality.com on Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n) – the ability to have people user international characters in software, and the ability to change the language of the software based on the customers locale.  (A Free registration is not required, but makes it much more convenient to get the content.)

At the time, I was using  Markus Gärtner as one of my tests for any application.  That is, any time I needed to input text and have results on screen, I’d type  Markus Gärtner and hit submit.  If the results came back Mojibake, it was a bug.  One of my old directors came to CAST, the Conference for the Association for Software Testing this summer (my trip report here – with video!) and was talking about these test suites.  He told me he thought I made up the name; then, that week, he met Markus!

I’m always on the lookout for something quick to cut and paste.

Assuming I have more than the length of first/last name, I’ve got a newer, slightly longer one today:

I went to Øredev where I met Jenny Håkansson and Markus Gärtner.

You see, I actually will be at the  Øredev conference in Sweden in November, where I hope to meet Jenny, who is one of the conference organizers.

Markus won’t be in Sweden, but he will be in Berlin with me, two weeks later, at Agile Testing Days: Potsdam.

Sorry, despite the image, I have no Japan trips planned right now.  If you would like some Japanese to test, try: 私は私がジェニーとマークに会った会議に行ってきました – bonus points if you can translate it back to English. If you see Mojibake, it’s likely that your computer does not have East Asian Language Support turned on. In Windows XP, you can find that in Control panel -> Date Time Language and Region -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages.

See you in Europe in the Fall?



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