Let’s get the band back together

Excelon Team MeetingIt’s been eight years since we announced Software Delivery 24/7. The idea was to have a safe place to talk about software, a conference list, a resource list — a place to develop some private intellectual property. Better resources, like Chris Kenst’s Testing Conference List emerged, then coronavirus got rid of the conference scene. Excelon had other priorities, and we didn’t really focus on 24/7. The community continued. anyway, but conversations really did trail off.

Let’s restart it.

Starting today, we’re going to make Access to the 24/7 slack available at no charge. Likewise, we’d like to restart the slack for The Testing Show, a podcast with our managing director sponsored and hosted by Qualitest.

But there’s more!

Last week, David Vydra, who I’ve known since Test Coach Camp in 2011, sent me an email suggesting “How about a remote coffee/breakfast video chat?”

It’s about time we actually talked to each other.

We’re going to start a monthly meetup over zoom tentatively called “Coffee with Creators.” Exact format is unclear. If we have enough people that we need format, It will likely be Lean Coffee format. For an invite to Coffee with Creators (free), or the 24/7 slack (free), or the podcast slack (free), just email Matt @ xndev.com.

Oh, and, of course, we’re hiring.

Let’s do the time warp again.

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