The Tri-Cities in Washington State

My Mother and Father met when she was teaching and he was working in tri-cities area, and as a child I spent many happy summers there with my Grand Parents.

This morning, I saw that a company in the tri-cities is currently hiring an Agile Tester, and they are covering relocation!

Here is a link to the post on the agile-testing yahoo group.

Washington is an interesting place; you’ve got skiing just a couple of hours away from rain just a couple of hours away from desert. The tri-cities are pretty much desert, but they have an amazing water pipeline; everyone has a sprinkler system in yard. The warm, arid climate is extremely good for you.

If you apply for the position, and it works out, please let me know. If you are a real testing geek, you can go to the corner of Leslie and Gage Road and say “That is the same 7-Eleven where Matt Heusser drank slurpies and played Ninja-Gaiden in 1989!”,”And that’s where the fireworks stand used to be!”

Then again … maybe you won’t.

Still, it appears to be a good company, and because they are offering relocation to people qualified to work in the US, I thought it would be interesting to a large percentage of Creative Chaos Readers.

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  1. Unfortunately the 7-11 was renovated and added on to and turned in to a Block Buster Video around 1999(?). Then it was leveled and a Rite Aid was built in it’s place.


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