Interview with Software Quality Engineering

Software Quality Engineering recently interviewed me for it’s Grey Matters podcast, about career management for testers and the use of social software for software engineering. The podcast went up on the podcast page today – but after a month or so it will rotate out. So you can hear the SQE Greymatters interview by direct link.

The Stickyminds Greymatters podcast comes out roughly monthly; you can click and drag this link into iTunes in order to subscribe.

One comment on “Interview with Software Quality Engineering

  1. Matt,
    The content of the podcast is okay but frankly I think the production sucks. Terrible audio quality and the lead-in / sponsorship crap at the beginning is annoying and way too bloody long. The interview questions weren’t terribly insightful either.

    Just the same, I’d love to hear your voice more. Why not publish a series of audio lectures on your own or with a friend?

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