WOTD – Update

Calvin College is hosting WOTD, and they have offered the website a permanent home – here.

This supersedes the original CFP; I’m moving my blog entry to refer to it.

Even if you can’t make it, here are some ways you can help WOTD:

1) Blog about it; link to the CFP. (Perhaps for background, some of the old stuff on Creative Chaos? )

2) Don’t have a blog? Send out the link to any email discussion lists or user’s groups you belong to.

3) Don’t belong to any groups? Send it to your friends and colleagues who are interested in doing software development better. Two groups I am especially interested in seeing represented: Customers and Product Owners.

4) Don’t have any friends?

Man, that stinks. No really, that stinks.

How can you meet new people? I know this great peer conference in August …

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