And now, for something completely different

An April Fool’s joke I’ve been mulling that I turned serious at the end …

Lean-Agile Six-Sigma Pragmatic Enterprise Testing
By Matthew Heusser

Agile Testing can streamline operational efficiencies – but is it really enterprise ready?

“Lean-Agile Six-Sigma Pragmatic CMMI Enterprise Testing” takes Agile Testing to a whole new level! Come learn the secrets of testing greats as we –

-> Learn how to streamline operational efficiencies without giving up on innovation and collaborative synergy!

-> Take advantage of process maturity and organizational process focus with CMMI!

-> Leverage Six Sigma for Pareto Perfection!

-> Sound impressive by dropping the words “pragmatic” and “enterprise” in all over the place!

-> … and I got nothin’.

Without a secret sauce or magic potion, I have to do something radically different: Actually help you find more important bugs faster and assess the general state of the software more rapidly. I do this by explanation, demonstrations, and exercise.

Mostly, it’s about constantly sharpening your mind, and promising and delivering things that are actually within your capability.

If that’s what you want, take training from me. If it’s not enough … you can always try buzzword bingo. I hear CMMI+Scrum is a magic potion. (No, really, google it, or, hey, just Click Here.)

Again, this was a joke that I posted to a private forum a few days ago. Today, I got the brochure for SD Best Practice 2007 in the mail, and it has, no joke, a talk entitled “Lean-Agile Test-Driven Scrum“. So I felt morally obliged to post this publicly …

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