New Bloggin’ on Visual Testing

For years we’ve pointed out that unless you think of the check up-front, tools that drive the user interface will never find certain kinds of problems.

That is, the kind of problems where you instinctively know it is a problem, and respond “huh, that looks odd …”

A picture of a car that is just ... wrong.

Then Moshe Millman gave us a call about Applitools, which compares selected screen elements between test runs, and identifies differences, allowing you to mark a change as a defect – or, perhaps, just a new baseline for the next run.

This is something we wanted to learn more about, so we started to collaborate. Most recently, Justin Rohrman has started blogging for Applitools; here are his first two posts:

Why Visual Testing And Agile Are a Perfect Fit

The ROI of Visual Testing

If you’re looking to see Matt in person, he will be at Agile Testing Days in Germany in a few weeks, and Agile and Beyond in Dearborn, Michigan, in May. 2017 may be the year we slow down the travel a bit, but Excelon should have a contingent at CAST 2017 in August in Nashville at the very least..

More to come!

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