An Actual Job Description I saw today –

For a senior programmer/analyst type …

Must possess a strong understanding of software engineering principles including data normalization, structured programming, and software development life cycles.

How about this: Must understand, evaluate, and demonstrate the inherent problems with the term “Software Development Life Cycle”, and it’s strengths and weaknesses in use as a model …

What do you think?

2 comments on “An Actual Job Description I saw today –

  1. There’s a business analyst vacancy on at the moment which requires:

    “expereince [sic] with at least 2 analysus [sic] methods/products e.g. RUP, Agile, Application modelling or waterfall”.

    I’m not sure what kind of company would want someone experienced in two of those, but not care which two.

  2. I have read many resumes that state that the subject has a complete understanding of the “Software Development Life Cycle”.

    To me, such statements are an admission to a lack of experience.

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