Let’s overflow the stack

I’ve previously mentioned StackOverFlow.com – a website with answers to technology questions. It is a joint venture of Jeff Attwood and Joel Spolsky; two of the most popular bloggers on software development. To promote the site, the two also have a podcast where they discuss current trends in development and issues with the site.

They also answer questions; to get your questions answered, you can call in a phone number: 646-826-3879. No emails, you have to actually pick up the phone, they record your voice and put it into the podcast directly.

What does this have to do with testing?

Adam Goucher just put out a post suggesting that we get some coverage of testing on the Stack Overflow podcast by, well, calling in and asking for it.

Adam has already done his bit, so I called in and did mine:

Hello. This is Matt Heusser and I’m a tester in West Michigan. Historically, Joel has been a proponent of a ‘tester’ role and a little suspicious of Test Driven Development. As stackoverflow is a browser-based app with user-created content that supports a half-dozen browser variants, i’d like to ask you to describe your strategy for customer-facing tests – and maybe tell us about a few lessons you’ve learned along the way. Thanks.

Care to join us?

UPDATE: Yo Dawg, I herd you like testing, so I put testing in your podcast so you can test while you podcast! ( Explanation here )

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