Certifiable – II

Another post, this one to the agile-management list …

Ron Jeffries Wrote:
A leadership certification, one would imagine, would perforce be far less specific and far more general, but just as likely to be interpreted as indicating that the certificate holder is qualified, surely more qualified than her colleagues around her who do not hold the certificate, to be chosen to “be a leader”.

Yes. It’s very hard for a certificate program to avoid becoming a Confidence Game in Software Engineering.

Not that it’s impossible, but it is hard…

The guy at the front of the room, the guy who is the leader in the field, he is out *INVENTING* a new BOK (body of knowledge), not studying someone elses. I want to be that guy.

If you would like to assess me, read what I write, or talk to me about it:


I realize that some people do not want to be that guy; some people don’t like to write or speak, they want to do the same thing, over and over again, and do it well.

But if that’s the case, is a certificate in “Agile Leadership” really the right fit?

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