On Remote Work – For TechRepublic

Long-time Excelon fans probably remember that back in 2008-2011 I was working from-home for Socialtext. That was some of the most intense, high-functioning time of my career. We hired the man who invented the spreadsheet, Dan Bricklin, and I got to test his web-based collaborative spreadsheet. If you averaged my time since, about 80% of my work is from-home.

So when everyone and their cousin came out of the woodwork to talk about remote work, I had actually been doing it and helping others do it.

The folks at TechRepublic asked me to write a few articles from what I had learned. Here are my first four, which make a small set:

Making Remote Work – Now and Later

Planning effective Video Meetings

Running Effective Video Meetings

Tips and Tricks For Working From Home

The focus of the first piece is how to demonstrate effectiveness, so much so that, when this crisis is over, you can keep working from home.

If you haven’t take our Lean Software Delivery (LSD) class, you’ll want to read it.

If you want to talk about how to make take-home LSD, well, we’re around.



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