If you hate it, do more of it

I was talking to Tessa yesterday about the PMP certification, which I am not exactly a big fan of. She reminded me of the old adage ‘if you hate it, do more of it.’

In other words, if you have windows, learn dotNet. If you hate this Ruby/RailsNation thing, give it a try. If testing is annoying to you, invest some time in growing your skill. Not only will those things become less painful and less annoying, but you may pick up a few interesting, new, and different ideas to take back to your world of Linux, Perl, or Development. It is even possible (not probable, but possible) that you learn to see what you hate in an entirely different light, and, if not like it, at least appreciate it’s strengths.

Tessa’s right. After all, that’s how I became a CMM(I) expert. I still find the CMMI in bad taste, but I’m an expert. 🙂

Now, I’ve allready invested a good bit of time in learning about the world of the Project Management Institute, but I am resolved to give it another look.

More importantly, though, I just got off of a treadmill, followed by a resistance workout.

I hate it. I resolve to do more of it. 🙂

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