Individuals and Interactions

The Agile Manifesto says to focus on individuals and interactions over process and tools. At Excelon, we go further to say that may be the single largest driver of performance.


How. Do. You. Do. That. ?

I just wrote up two quick ways to do just that. These are practices you can put into place, even if you are much more comfortable typing and writing code than going to dinner parties.  The first, on talking to strangers, can widen your circle of influence in the office. The second, a social success tip, can get you invite to the meeting and make the meeting better.

Each is about for minutes long.

There is certainly a place for standups, stories, sprints, Docker, Kubernetes and blue/green deploys. Fundmentally, though, if the team doesn’t have skill and doesn’t get along, the output is going to be late, unfit for use, and buggy.

So invest the eight minutes in the people side — then let’s start a longer conversation on productivity.

You’ll be glad you did.

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