TestBash NYC

Testbash New York is November 5-6th . Sadly, it doesn’t look like Excelon will be sending anyone. We won’t have any speakers, no table or booth.  And yet we are coming in to the event at the full sponsor level – not a $250 micro-sponsorship, but a significant amount.

Why? Because we believe in what they are doing – Rosie Sherry, Software Testing Club, The “Ministry of Testing”, Anna Royzman – these are good people, trying to expand testing knowledge with a community focus. For this first year of TestBash in the United States, we thought it was appropriate to try to provide them with a little extra push.

Maybe two.

If you have a little budget for 2015 and a little time in November, look into TestBash.

The conference is a little different, with an interactive workshop day followed by a single-track conference. At $300 per conference day, no one is getting rich on TestBash, yet they still are able to fly in fantastic speakers like Selena Delesie from Canada,Maaret Pyhäjärvi (Finland) ,Llewellyn Falco (California),Helena Jeret-Mäe (Estonia) and Sigge Birgisson (Sweden and Australia).

Of course, we’ll be at Agile Testing Days the Following week in Potsdam, Germany,  presenting Save Our Scrum with Markus Gaertner while running the European Round of the Software Testing World Cup. Still trying to figure out how to switch our plane ticket up to go through New York City, but it seems unlikely.

Either way, we hope you get out to a conference in the fall.

You’ll be glad you did.

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