What Are People Saying About TestRetreatNYC?

In the three days since we announced TestRetreatNYC in August, we’ve sold half the tickets.

Many of the folks attending the conference are coming back; they been to Test Coach Camp, TestRetreat:Madison, or WHOSE, and want more.

That’s great. If you haven’t been to a peer conference, you may be wondering what to expect.

So I asked a few people.

If you are nervous about attending CAST or afraid you won’t be able to think of anything to ask your co-attendees, TestRetreat is the perfect warmup exercise. It puts you face to face with wonderful, smart colleagues in an environment that is supportive, challenging, and fun all at the same time. The relationships you build and foster will stimulate and boost you for years to come (and it gives you a leg up when it comes to finding lunch, dinner, and drinks buddies at the conference!).

– Heather Tinkham, Senior QA Consultant, Object Partners, Inc.

Test Retreat was a real treat last year! I’ve only attended it once and I can say that it was a great opportunity to spend time with other like minded testers who are passionate about what they do. The format is conducive to discussion and collaboration and rarely have I seen a conference where so much knowledge is shared in such a short period of time. I’m really looking forward to this year’s Test Retreat, and I encourage every tester that takes testing seriously and enjoys thoughtful, insightful discussions about the craft to attend.

– Alessandra Moreira,Test Manager, Smartbear software

Test Retreat is rapidly becoming one of my favorite events to attend each year (I attended the inaugural event in 2012, when it was introduced at CAST 2012 is San Jose, and then in Madison, WI for 2013). What makes it worthwhile. Unlike other events where a select few get to present on ideas that have to be highly structured, the Open Conference option allows me and others to present ideas that might be very preliminary, and through the event, develop into calls for action that are significantly better than anything I would have proposed on my own. It’s the rich level of interaction, conferring with peers, and all willing to work together to develop “better ideas” that make the format a success. Several of my better talks that I have given at Meet-Ups, conferences and as published articles had their Genesis in this event.

TFor those wondering if it makes sense or if it’s worth it to attend a Saturday event (and yes, we know Saturday’s are often precious), I say “yes”, so far, it’s proven to be every bit worth it these past two years, and I’ve already signed up for year three. Will I see you there, and will we both, perhaps, come up with better ideas together than we would separately? I hope you will come attend and find out!

– Michael Larsen, Test Lead, Socialtext

If that isn’t enough, Justin Rohrman made a blog post called Is Test Retreat Right For You? while Michael Larsen blogged TestRetreat: Why I’m Going, and Why You Should Too.

Can’t Make TestRetreat? There’s More!

I am planning a one-day version of Lean Software Testing in Lansing, Michigan on April 26th. This will be a preview class, to which I am inviting the  Excelon board of advisors and other industry collaborators. Tickets may be available to the public, and sell for $150.00. This is the first time this training will be available anywhere in this format.

Yes, I know, the 26th is a Saturday, and yes, I made that decision on purpose.

3 comments on “What Are People Saying About TestRetreatNYC?

  1. I have been to testretreat NL. The thing I really like about test retreat is that you are not a visitor but a contributor to the testretreat. This means that together with the rest you have the ability to choose a program. There is a lot of interactions between all the attendees. This means for me that I get way more knowledge when I leave than a normal conference.

    If you have the possibility to go. It is a day well spend.

  2. The Test Retreat in NYC was my second and I would recommend it to both new and return testers. It was an amazing way to form lasting business relationships with other dedicated testers in a more intimate setting. The one on one conversation as well as the group presentations peeked my interest and gave me some great firsthand knowledge to bring back to my company.

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