The Software Testing World Cup

Imagine a world test competition, held over the internet, on your continent, in a time zone that is reasonable for you, on a Saturday, with local judges you know and respect.

The winners from each continent advance to the Global Competition, held in Potsdam Germany in November 2014 at Agile Testing Days. Those six teams(*), each representing a different continent of the world, will receive free attendance to the competition. At the international level, the judges will be the winners of last years NRG Global Test Competition, along with Maik Nogens, a consulting software testiner with Diaz and Hilterscheid, who is organizing the event. I’ve also been honored to serve as a judge.

This is going to be fun.

Registration is free. Participation is free.

Come compete. Have fun. Maybe earn a credential in software testing that actually means something.

Learn more at

See you at the top?

(*) – If you are a software tester in Antartica, it might be seven.

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