… and five more articles

So far, I’ve made fifteen posts to my IT blog. In an attempt to keep up, here’s the next five, and why, maybe, you might to care:

Was Nicolas Carr Right? Reconsidering the idea that “IT Doesn’t Matter”

What’s the deal, Amazon? – Where Matt takes a tough, hard look at his Amazon EC2 (Electric Compute Cloud) monthly bill

Another Look at IT Staffing, Part I – Why companies don’t “just” staff with full-time employees all the time

Another Look at IT Staffing, Part II – Introducing IS Lite, one of the Momma theories that started all this outsourcing and offshoring mania

Another Look at IT Staffing, Part III – IT support in a Gen-Y world, one where instead of supporting a list of devices, the CEO can walk in with an iPad and say “Make it Work.”

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