The New New Thing at Excelon

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, include a week working from home, a weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a board meeting for the Association for Software Testing, the rest of the week in New Orleans for the Software Test Professionals Conference, and even a little bit of writing.

The good folks at also published my profile on Continuous Deployment at Etsy last week.  And, while I was on the plane ride home from STPCon, I was frantically writing “Blending Automation Approaches“, based largely on successes I have been building on at a current client.  (If all goes well, I may be able to speak their name in public.  I know; CRAZY!)

Of course, if you are reading this, you know that the old creative chaos blog has finally moved to my new blog post and website, here at  That was a huge deal of a conversion, and it’s not even done yet. In the mean time, for you true blog readers, I have a second ETsy post, filled with more good stuff about the organization and some videos.

Sorry, no time for an April Fool’s joke this year.  If you really must have something, check out the uTest TV Station, it’s pretty good.

More to come, but certainly not right now! 🙂

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