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Over the summer, I’ve noticed a trend that bothers me just a little.

Cem Kaner hasn’t blogged in months; James Bach hasn’t blogged in weeks. Michael Bolton is blogging sporadically; Elisabeth Hendrickson is blogging very occasionally. Ben Simo hasn’t blogged since February.

Of the people on my blogroll, only Adam Goucher is consistently writing new blog material.

Now, there may be good reason for this. The people on my blog roll are mostly independent consultants; perhaps the economy is picking up, and they are so busy, that blogging is the first thing to go. Perhaps they are focusing on twitter – or focusing writing on a book. I don’t know.

What I do know is that when I click through my blogroll, I’m not seeing a lot that is new.

So I went and asked the Writing-about-testing Yahoo group for some recommendations, are a few we came up with:

Michelle Smith
Catherine Powell
Marlena Compton
Lanette Creamer
Geordie Keitt

Yes, getting to the point where you are known by first name only is a compliment, and yes, that’s the same Lanette Creamer who’s paper “Testing for the User Experience“, won the best paper award at PNSQC 2008. (For those who live near Portland or need and excuse to make the trip: Lanette and Marlena are both speaking at PNSQC this year.)

In addition, all of the students of the Miagi-Do School of testing happen to have a blog. That is no accident. These are people that I personally vouch for as having an interest in, and passion for, software test excellence. While some have English as a second language and are learning to communicate better (as we all are, right?) – they sharpen those skills through blogging. Check them out, please:

Justin Rohrman
Ajay Balamurugadas
Markus Gaertner
Jeroen Rosink

Update: I’ve also been told that David Christiansen is blogging again. I went and checked and his recent posts have been very tester-centric. Yay!

7 comments on “Best New Software Test Writing

  1. Well if you and Adam wouldn't write so much maybe I'd have more time to blog
    Oh yeh, and now theres all these Miagi-Do people to follow as well

    and I have a book by that Bach chap to read – and that Whittaker fellow. Might get them read before Beautiful Testing is out, I think there might be a couple of good authors in there…

  2. Thanks for the mention! You've got me grouped with quite a list there. I have to say that more than one post of yours has triggered some thoughts… so keep it up. I swear this stuff feeds on itself sometimes.

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