Test Challenge – Free –

Would you like some test training absolutely free?

Free like water, free like air?

Often, the best way to get it is to help someone else develop training material. To test the training material, so to speak.

Well …

I’m developing a test challenge that requires certain physical equipment. Before I order the equipment, I’d like to try it virtually, over email, or, more likely, chat programs.

I expect it would take 15 minutes to one hour of your time – it all depends on how deep you’d like to go. If you are interested, drop me an email – matt dot heusser @ gmail dot com.

If you have questions about it you think many people might have, please feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE: At this time I have closed the challenge. (The early bird, as they say, gets the worm.) However, I will be doing it live, in person, with real equipment at The Software Test&Performance Conference 2009 – October in Boston. Drop by one of my sessions or shoot me an email.

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