James Bach on Test Improvement

James is one of the best-known skilled testers in the world – and he can explain his ideas well. Those three things are key:

1) He’s made an effort to heard above the din (“well known”). That means he is involved in the community. Unless a tester is involved in the community – they may be doing great work and have great ideas, but others won’t get benefit from that experience.

2) He’s skilled. I think that one goes without saying. Un-skilled people that are well-known waste your time at best, and can lead you toward bad testing at worst.

3) He can explain his ideas. It has been my experience that whenever you try to say anything above the fray, it will be very easy to have your idea mis-understood, mis-applied, and attacked. You’ve got to be able to defend what you stand for, fight for it, articulate it well, and deal with attacks with grace and aplomb.

In our little world of testing, James is one to learn from. Now watch the video!

If you want more, I’d suggest his blog or the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing, which James co-authored with Cem Kaner and Brett “The Guy with the Cowboy Hat” Pettichord.

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