SideBar – II

The test challenge is my attempt to explain that skill, practice, and critical thinking – the things no defined process can create – matter in software development – in the same way they matter in Golf, Music, or Art.

That good testing, and good thinking, can be learned. I’ve only been doing this kind of “personal process improvement” for the past ten or eleven years – and talking about it publicly for even less.

When I want to talk about the joy I get from doing a project well, words fail me. Oh, I can try. This blog is filled with the attempt. And when people come along and say it better, I feel obligated to point out it.

This morning, my colleague Chris McMahon put out a twitter link to a video about skills improvement – and attitude – taken from Music, that I thought was absolutely wonderful. Here’s the link.

When we talk about focusing, practicing, reflecting, and experimenting in something like Golf or Music, the ideas have common acceptance. Let’s do the same with software.

More test challenge to come.

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  1. Hi
    Its not only like Golf or music but any kind of art. Practice,self governance,passion and interest take you a long way.

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