Tech Debt Workshop – Update

I’m pleased to report that the tech debt workshop is full up. Aside from people who have already been in contact, I won’t be accepting any additional applications.

So let me tell you a bit about the crew we have lined up:

Two of the attendees were original authors/signatories of the agile manifesto. A third was a founding participant of the C3 team – the team that invented Extreme Programming. A fourth is the author of “working effectively with legacy code.” A fifth was the lead organizer of the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference and it’s first Master of Ceremonies. A sixth was a key organizer of BarCamp Grand Rapids.

The guy that introduced lightning talks to the software QA community? He’ll be there. A couple of people who have given invited tech talks at Google. About half of us have presented at an Agile 200X conference. We’ve got the outgoing president of *both* the Association for Software Testing and the American Society for Quality. We’ve got a board member of the Agile Alliance – Brian Marick has written more books about software quality-ish things that the typical developer has read.

We’re talking about people who have already changed the world once — or in the case of the locals, a small corner of it.

Yes, some sessions will be recorded and re-broadcast via youtube.

You could say that my expectations for output are rather high.

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