Going to Boston in the Fall?

I went to Software Test and Performance Conference last spring in California and had an absolute blast, met some really interesting people, reconnected with some old friends, and learned a thing or two.

This Fall, Sept. 24-26th, is the Software Test & Performance Conference, Boston. James Bach is keynoting this year, and many, many of the speakers are top talent in the Industry.

I am told that the Extreme Early Bird Rate expires on August 1st – that’s an extra $400 off. In addition to a wonderful and stimulating conference, you’ll be in the Boston/Cambridge area, the home of Harvard and MIT, and yes, ancient pirate-y history.

In fact, you’ll be going to Boston in the fall.

(And for those who suspect this entire post was an excuse to link to a veggie-tales silly song with Larry … I plead no contest.)

2 comments on “Going to Boston in the Fall?

  1. Yale is in CT, not Boston 🙂

    but we still have over 70 schools of higher education here in Boston/Cambridge area.

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