Extreme Programming – In One Page

Now, folks, don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of Extreme Programming, but I do not think that XP is the “one true way” or the “one right way” to do software development. I do think that it pushed back against the “traditional” school of software development in the right direction, at the right time.

For it’s time, XP was the contrarian consultant, when, where and how it was badly needed.

If you want the elevator speech to explain Extreme Programming, one place to start is the XP In One Page Poster(*).

The poster tries to cram a lot of ideas in a little space. If I had to recommend one single thing that offers the most value – that I would recommend that any commerical or business software team take a long hard look at – it would be the “design philosophy” section at the bottom left.

Seriously. When I saw this today, I printed it out, ran over that section with a yellow highlighter, wrote “READ THIS FIRST!” with an arrow at the top, and put it on my wall o’ attention grabbing stuff. (Mostly cartoons with an occasional big, visible chart …)


(*) – The poster comes to you thanks to Ron Jeffries, George Dinwidde, and a few other other folks, and dates back to 2002.

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