Real Time Software Development

New PodCast – Download it here.

And now the explanation …

Right now I have article ideas coming out of my ears, and no time to write them down. If I _try_ to write them down on index cards, then in six months I will have a bunch of unreadable index cards. If I try to write them in Microsoft word, I will end up staying up all right, writing a few of them.

No, what I need is a good way to save the context of the idea onto the stack, and perhaps retrieve it later.

To that end, Sean McMillan and I have recorded a brief (14 minute/12MB) podcast that dicusses one of those ideas – Real Time Software Development.

Please let me know what you think of this format; we view it as an experiment. If the format proves popular enough, I may record and stream other presentations on the podcast.

If you have iTunes, you can subscribe to the podcast here. If you are a regular creative chaos reader, don’t worry about it; all episodes are posted right here, so you don’t need iTunes to get your fix.

Also, I have switched web-hosting for and related media files to GoDaddy; if you have any problems with your downloads, please let me know.

One comment on “Real Time Software Development

  1. So as a spanish reader with a low level of english, podcasts are really bad.

    I prefer reading text and taking my time to translate it instead of trying to understand isolated words in the sound …

    Sorry …

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