Against Systems: Interlude …

More Against Systems to come, but first, a couple of things …

1) Jon Kohl points out that we only exist because of little systems like circulation, muscular, the solar system, and so on. Obviously, the blog entries “Against Systems”, which I chose for a bit of shock value, are talking about a different kind of systems: Systems developed by humans that are, well, naive at best. If I had to do it again, I’d probably choose a different title, but right now, too many people have linked to the series for me to change the name (and have blogger change the name.) Perhaps I can find a better name for some follow-up-posts.

2) In November I saw Chad Fowler speak at XPWestMichigan, and blogged a bit about it.

Well, the talk is finally Finally Up on Google Video and you can see it for yourself.

When you hear the nerd who likes perl and raises his hand … that’s me. 🙂

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