A few of my favorite things – I

I’d like to start a short series on my favorite tools. No fluff, just stuff.

Tool #1: Google Reader. This is like TiVo for blogs. You search for, find, and list your favorite blogs, and it updates itself with a GMail like interface when new posts come out. Because Google indexs, well, everything, you can have it notify you when any website changes.

If you’ve avoided using an RSS-feed reader because they can be annoying or weren’t mature yet, try Gooder Reader.

Of course, it is free.

2 comments on “A few of my favorite things – I

  1. I’ve not got a lot of experience with blog feeds, but I’ve found the Sage plugin for Firefox to be pretty useful.

  2. I use Google reader too, and I love it. Wouldn’t you like to see Gmail and Google reader combined in one product (Yahoo has feed reader inside e-mail, but it is not useful)?

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